Trailer by Katharina Duve

SKILLS summon up a spirit that won't let us be. What do former Thälman pioneers, the pioneers of electronic music, entrepreneurs working at their own risk, freelance artists, pioneer soldiers, early movers and discoverers in space have in common? The two protagonists lend their voices, their instruments and their machines to the pioneer spirit, grapple with it and become obsessed by it. How could all of this get such a hold on us?


Concept and Performance: Sylvi Kretzschmar und Camilla Milena Feher/ Sound and musical Assistance: Peta Devlin/ Assistant Choreographer : Bruno Listopad/ Dramaturgical Advice: Christoph Gurk/ Costume Design: Nina Thorwart/ Light: Hans Leser/ Assistant: Nina Klöckner/ Head of Production: ehrliche Arbeit - Freies Kulturbüro


SKILLS with HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Kampnagel Hamburg and Theater in the Pumpenhaus Münster. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the Kulturbehörde Hamburg.

photos by gianmarco bresadola, Performance at Hebbel am Ufer Berlin 2015