Welcome to Hell

Two performers enter the stage incognito. Masks are often the reason why protests are broken up ahead of schedule. They have an escalating effect that can be observed again and again whenever the protesters’ “black block” (“Schwarzer Block”) encounters equally masked police – the performance do not only celebrate this never-changing ritual, but also gradually […] go to project

Der Aufbau

What happens, when building up a reality based on Utopias? Which useful material will be left from a past system of a bygone era? Which ideas, which matrix guarantee a sufficient cohesion? How are human beings establishing their relation to the world of objects? go to project

Megaphone Choir

The megaphone choir sings with the ghostly voices of a vanished place. 12 women with megaphones set interview-statements of former residents, tenants and contractors of the so called “Esso Houses” at Hamburg Reeperbahn to music and amplify* them. go to project

Pionier Geist

SKILLS summon up a spirit that won't let us be. What do former Thälman pioneers, the pioneers of electronic music, entrepreneurs working at their own risk, freelance artists, pioneer soldiers, early movers and discoverers in space have in common? go to project


In a concert / performance, the duo SKILLS creates a spectrum of meanings symbolically charged by transmission-, reception- and surveillance technologies. A choreography involving microphones, antennae, voices from a laptop, bugs and audiotapes. go to project